Mobile Mechanics Chicago

Cars depreciate as early as when you first drive them out of the dealership to bring home.

As time passes, you will need to maintain them properly so that they continue to work reliably.

This means having to physically bring your vehicle to the nearest auto repair garage or service centre so they can take a look.

You’ll have to schedule when you’ll bring it round to the shop, potentially take a leave from work, figure out how to get it there which could prove challenging when the engine won’t start, and so on.

It is time-consuming and can get quite inconvenient.

Your Mobile mechanic in Chicago‚Äč

Here at Mobile Mechanics Chicago, we strive to make us your first choice for all your mobile vehicle repair and service needs by providing you with the best customer care you deserve in the industry. This, coupled with our spare parts and labour service

guarantees make us worth the call should you be having problems with or require a service for your vehicle.

Most modern cars that are maintained well don’t need constant repairs and will only need a thorough service checkup once a year, but older cars require more frequent checks, potentially once every six months.

Your car’s manufacturer’s service handbook will set what is best for your model but don’t panic if you haven’t got it, you can always call and ask our car servicing team for some good honest, friendly advice.

Our Mobile Mechanical in Chicago

How We Do It

Despite journeying out to wherever you and your car is located and not conduct repairs or maintenance work from the safety and comfort of our garage, we don't mind! We use a wide range of diagnostic devices, including the latest technologies compliant with advanced engine management systems, to inspect your vehicle.

Why Choose Us?

Mobile Mechanics Chicago has 25 years of experience in servicing and repairing cars and light commercial vehicles. This was gained by working for prestigious companies such as Rolls Royce and Chrysler, to name a few. Having worked with these industry leaders has enabled the Mobile Mechanics Chicago team to be able to work on any class of a vehicle and identify faults efficiently. Along with the experience of repairing vehicles, our mechanics can also assist with any rego related checks you need. All of these qualities culminate in achieving excellence which goes hand in hand with our primary goal: to gain high customer accreditation and recommendations due to the excellent work and service we provide.

Locations We Service

We are based in Chicago and serve much of the surrounding counties, repairing and servicing a wide range of vehicle models from all the major manufacturers. This service is designed for ease and convenience and can save you time and money because we provide same-day maintenance and repairs. We know your time is also valuable. So if you're on the lookout for a mobile mechanic, either fill out the short form, and we'll get back to you shortly, or dial our toll-free phone number.


Mobile Mechanic Chicago

Mobile Mechanics Chicago can service your vehicle on your doorstep, eliminating the need to take your car to a workshop, thus removing the stress and worry caused by having to arrange return transport.

As mentioned earlier, servicing is performed in line with the manufacturers recommended service schedule and only the correct spare parts will be used.
We offer four types of service. Whilst we make every effort to point out everything we do on a job, our service list is not exhaustive.

Emergency repairs & troubleshooting services

For those times when your fan belt breaks, your oil pan leaks, a tyre runs flat and more.

Temporary / interim “patch up” service

When we do what we can immediately to remove your vehicle from a potentially dangerous location or situation, only stopgap repairs will be implemented until we can make more comprehensive repairs in a safer environment. An example of this would be installing a temporary alternator cap so that we can move the vehicle from a dangerous road to the garage.

Regular Preventive Checkup

We can perform preventive maintenance highlighting areas of potential problems with your car as well as replacing serviceable items at their recommended intervals.

Our Mechanical Service Menu

Engine Diagnostics and repair
Brakes, Suspension and Hydraulics
Air Conditioning recharge, fault finding and deodorising
Pollen and Hepa Filters
Transponder Keys programmed
Timing Belts, Cambelts and other
Engine oil & filter maintenance
Stereos, Speakers, Amplifiers and Cross Overs supplied and fitted & troubleshooting
Alarms, Immobilisers, and Accessories supplied and fitted
Central locking and window lift interfaces supplied and fitted
Electrical system fault finding and repair
Tyre Repair, Fitment, Alignment & Balancing
Rego requirement checkups
We accept All major credit cards and All makes and ages of cars.
Corporate and Institutional Fleet accounts are welcome as well.

Our Affordable Price Guarantee Chicago

We provide car servicing that match the vehicle manufacturers recommendations - but with considerable savings when compared to getting the dealer's in-house maintenance team. We implement Menu Price servicing, so you get a fixed price for service to your vehicle. All additional parts and other costs - if any - will be discussed with you before the work starts as well.

Our Professional Mobile Mechanics Team in Chicago

We employ a crack team of super committed, skilled, certified and seasoned automotive technicians and professionals to work on your vehicle.

No repair or service is too big or too small.

They’ll also guide you every step of the way to ensure that you know precisely what your car needs.

Trustworthy Service

All our staff and friendly mobile mechanics are glad to be of service to you, whenever you need us, wherever you are, as long as you need assistance let us know.

We have served many happy customers too.

We are known as a mobile mechanic and have focused on the 8,120 happy customers we have looked after over the last 18 years.<br>Some of our clients return for checks and repairs as well, coming back for our excellent client service and catalogue of jobs appropriately completed.

Do you need our help?

Call at any time, and we’re going to be there for you.¬†

You can shoot us an email too, and we’ll get back to you directly.

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